Sunday, January 4, 2009


I've spent several years living in the digital age feeling downright incompetent, and I got a little tired of it. My brothers grumbling still rings in my head after all the "how do I do this? Matt it won't load...matt what do I do? I need pictures of platypuses. Can you make me a slideshow? What's a firefox?"
I realized, about a week or so ago, that I needed to get my act together if I ever expected to survive in the digital world, which grows every day.

It's rather sad that I only just discovered how to use the internet at the beginning of highschool (3 and a half years ago) and discovered that you could find just about anything on the interwebs whether I wanted to or not ( 2 girls one cup what the heck is that a tea party? Do I want what enlargement??!)

So here I am. After years of meek surfing, I have become one of thousands. A blogger
I like the feeling
Through this I can document my trek through the internet and my life away from the screen. (I hope I don't get addicted like my brother hehe)
So read if you wish, if not cool. Although I love making new friends


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  1. I didn't know staying up on the laptop till 4 in the morning wasn't considered an 'addiction'.

    You have a long way to go young grasshopper.