Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Aspirations and Bat rescues

My aim for this month is to focus on Self care, and working through my troubles with stress.
Anyone who knows me at all will know that I stress pretty easily and can be incredibly hard on myself in terms of my intelligence and abilities. I set impossibly high standards for myself and then feel bummed when things don't turn out.

This month I will be focusing on
1. Walking and being active every day
2. Limiting my internet usage to 2 hrs a day (yeah right)
3. Get into a semi-regular yoga practice at home with a great book
4. Journal every day even if it is only a sentence or in point form.
5. Work harder to keep in touch with friends through letter writing and postcards
6. Curb my spending to only essential needs and be more frugal
7. Practice mindfulness in daily life and eating
8. Put time towards being creative (This I fell bad about not doing enough)
9. Get better quality sleep

So lots of things to keep me occupied. If I don't manage to live up to all these goals, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm human, as long as I know I made my best effort that's all I can do.

At the Visitor's Centre at work today, I found myself being the only one working from 10-12. It was a rainy day and therefore sure to be hella busy in the VC. Everything was going fairly smoothly and as it usually does, with people asking if they could register for camping (not here) and a lady looking for the London Science Centre she'd seen on the internet (the print out was for a museum in England *facepalm*).
But then a lady approached me and asked if we kept bats in the gated area in front of the windows where we hope to keep our Painted Turtle. No...?
I went over and stepped into the enclosure and sure enough, splayed out on a rock and soaking wet, was what I had at first thought, was a fake bat. But then its head moved. Nope. It's an alive bat.
Frantically I called up my boss who I'm certain had been sleeping at the time.
On his instructions, I managed to get the bad into a butterfly net with a phonebook on top and placed the screeching little creature outside where my boss would latter stick him up into a bat box.
So it's now Kailey Trevithick,
Soggy bat rescuer Extraordinaire!
And then the day progressed as usual with conversation fodder for the next little while haHA!

One more day till my 4 day weekend!
Hoping to have Shannon up to visit. Days filled with hiking and the Beach and canoeing.Can't wait!

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