Friday, December 14, 2012

And third semester zooms by. Wave to it as it passes

How is it that even though this semester is the same number of days as the semester  this time last year, it feels about half as long. Does this sudden time speed-up sensation come with familiarity or routine I wonder? I feel like a broken record saying it so many times but I really think time is moving faster or I haven't been paying enough attention.
The latter is probably correct, the last 6 months have been sort of a distracted hazy blob. I have had so much fun so far, meeting awesome new people and playing Quidditch on a team. My room-mates have been nothing short of heart-gladdening and while they are slightly bad influences in the eating healthy, sleeping at a reasonable hour and being studious department, I am lucky to be able to share a home with them.

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