Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Over the college hill

It shocks me to think how quickly a major chapter of my life is coming to an end. I'm not scared or devastated. There's too much to do still to worry about that. 
But to think that I'll be saying goodbye to a place that has been so good to me, shown me so much friendship and helped me to grow and recognize my potential as a person will be challenging. I know there are a lot of students that go to Fleming, and after their two years can't let it go and come back. A part of me really wants to do that. But my adventurous side wants to see what else is out there to do and discover. There are so many options if I work hard. 
Sometimes I worry that I won't be able to get where I want to go, that I'll choose the wrong path and miss out on big and amazing things. Too many options is overwhelming...
But I have to remember that the present is where I need to be right now. Work for the future but take one step at a time.
So that means midterms. Four more from now and I will be free for a week. Though those days are likely to be work filled as well, I intend to fill them with art and friends and good long walks. 

I guess all these thoughts tie into the fact that I will be 22 in a couple short days. Whether I'm ready or not, I am rocketing towards my mid 20s and need even more to remain focused on the things that I want and the places I want to end up in along the way. To not get stuck or settle. Most of the people I went to high-school with are graduating this year with university degrees. School at a constant since the age of four. Some of these people don't know yet what they want to do. While I'm just as vague in thinking, I'm grateful fo r having chosen a different direction that has given me so much experience and growth.

I just have to remember Balance. Keep things simple and balanced and everything will turn out just as it should

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