Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adventures, Holidays and a Whole Jar of Garlic Green Olives

Wow. A major update is in order. I am in the very bad habit of procrastinating on blog posts then doing big giant entries every now and then. Maybe I should make regular posts my New Years resolution. If I try to trust my brain to remember everything I'm bound to forget stuff before I am able to write it all down.
Let's work our way back from today.

Today was Christmas day in my family, though we don't really do much in the way of celebrating it. This year I felt I owed London a Christmas and didn't fly to Winnipeg to be with mum and her clan. Plus I knew that it wouldn't be possible for Matt to come to with his job, and I love when we play music and watch movies.
I don't really consider Dad's side to be my family. I see them one or two day's a year and other than that they aren't heard from. It's not a close sentimental family. There's a great void where emotion and affection typically live. Our holidays are basically: laugh as if what other people are saying are funny, eat the food and drink a fair bit, make weak small talk about other people and houses, eat till you nearly pop like a boil, bestow unneeded and useless gifts on the grandparents to win yourself a spot on the will, go home and breathe a sigh of relief that it's finally over and done with.
Thankfully I've gotten to the age now where, I could choose where to go for Christmas, and I have other friends and things I could do.
I've spent the last few days feeling a great deal of anxiety about this holiday, it has absolutely no significance to me either spiritual or sentimental because I haven't had the close family aspect that is the point of the holiday. So I have this warring feeling that I hate Christmas and I don't want anything to do with spending time with people. But I want so much for there to be a special period at this time of year where I can gather with those I am close to and there can be cherished traditions and I can feel a sort of spiritual connection to something, be it the changing seasons or family togetherness or whatever. I enjoyed celebrating the solstice with Shannon and Dylan because I was with those I cherish, doing enjoyable activities and laughing. That is what I have wished for all along. But the candle ceremony felt like a joke. But hey, new traditions have to start from somewhere hey?
I feel as if I sound a bit of a downer. Maybe I am, I've never been giddy about Christmas or any of that stuff from my associations with it. But spending time with Matt and Dylan and Shannon has kept my spirits up. I'm going to chalk it all up to hormones and annoyance at my creeping holiday weight.

The previous weekend after exams wrapped up, Dylan and I set off on our umpteenth Toronto adventure. This time we brought Jackie along and Shannon met up too at the ROM.
Man, the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame is seriously my favourite part of that museum. Who knew there were rocks in crazy blues and purples or ones that looked like furry hair. My mind blew open that the Earth could create such delicate and beautiful rocks and minerals.

Another filling meal at Salad King, one of my favourite places for coconut curry. The prices are super reasonable and you leave absolutely stuffed though you don't think you will be. As a creature of habit I always end up with the Green Curry with chicken. Nummy nummy.

That Saturday evening saw Dylan and I driving our way to Guelph for the night. I had apprehensions about meeting Dylan's family and very much wanted to make a good first impression. But they were very nice and accommodating and I felt very welcome and comfortable there. I've always found it interesting to see people propped up against their families. I quickly saw that Dylan is very much the strange one in his family but then again they are all strange. And I say that in a nice way.
I know D as a (fairly :P) mature 22 year old, but with his family, he doesn't revert back to being a kid per se, but you can more easily imagine him younger. Maybe I'm not saying it right, it's hard to put the surreal feeling into words. Basically, he's adorable in every way and it adds a new dimension to him :P

That Sunday, we set off for a letter-box hunting expedition. I had tried to hunt one down in the summer time with no luck, and had had no opportunities since. We picked out two and spent the day roaming around looking for them. We were only able to find the one (though just the lid to the box and nothing else) but just getting out and seeing Guelph and spending time together was pleasure enough.
And holy dinah! Guelph has a serious Addam's family house!! It was so spooky and Gothic!
D was certainly a trooper with my constant exclamations of "Look at that house!!! I love that place!! Oh this city is awesome!!!!"
I get excited about houses fyi.

The wee sea monkeys are not quite so wee as they were. There aren't as many as there were when there was a boom hatch but that seems for the best otherwise they would be too much for the little jar. Super cute little critters they are!

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