Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Wander in the Park

I've heard a lot of people say that while  there are people that will leave Winnipeg, they will usually come back eventually.That has definitely been true in my mum's case. And it has been in mine too since going away to college. To those who've never been, or don't know much about Winnipeg (most if not all in Southern Ontario, seriously it's more than snow and flatness :P), it can be hard to see how much is going on here. And even if Winnipeg is the city you call home, you have to do a little homework to find all the hidden gems the city has to offer. So when I returned from college in Ontario, I was caught by all the events scheduled and reminded of the cities strong arts community. This place is great!
What I was really able to appreciate this weekend was the beauty of Assiniboine park, a massive place, where there's a zoo, an English and sculpture garden, museums, a skating pond, and a giant stage where the Royal Winnipeg Ballet does demonstrations in the summer time.
 After a visit to Nana's, we wandered around the park. We checked out the new Nature park built for children. It looked fun. Only it was a bit weird that they had boarded up one of the slides. Kids were using it anyway.
 Pretty flower I wish I knew the name of

 Unfortunately, the museum was closed for an event that day ( a wedding I think). Got a look at the menu for the restaurant in there. Real swanky stuff. The fanciest food I've ever seen (even more so than La Cachet with Sweetbean in Niagara on the Lake)

 The English garden was beautiful, even though the flowers haven't been put in yet.
 Sculptures of bears by Leo Mol. This guy really liked bears apparently (There were at least six more sculptures)
 Sat and had our coffee. As if I needed a second one at 3 p.m.
 Mystery plant. So delicate and pretty.

 John Diefenbaker

 The Mr. A.Y. Jackson. Didn't realize who it was because they had spelled out his name in full. That throws you when you're used to initials

 Angry Moses

 The last time I visited this garden the gallery was closed too. One day, we will know what lies within! That and the gallery in the Pavillion!

 Sun dials are so cool! This one was an hour behind by my watch. Or my watch was an hour ahead.

Rummaged around in my sock drawer and found this thing. It brought me back to the horrible time when my thumb got infected, and I had to do a lot of waiting in various hospital waiting rooms before finally being admitted into a community IV program for 5 days of antibiotics. Glad that's done! All my cuts will be disinfected to within an inch of their lives now.

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