Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day, and interesting find and a Geocaching adventure!

The degree of my laziness and lack of motivation shocks me. To get to any of the tasks on my to-do  list is a monumental task. Here and there have been some notable events.

 We celebrated Mother's Day with a daughter-made breakfast and a visit with Nana, who was able to rouse herself from a doze towards the end of the visit. So we at least got a glimpse of her still lovely eyes.

A Fascinating Find

 On my walk down town one day I stopped off in a small park near our neighbourhood to read my book and enjoy the ever-present sunshine. As I was leaving I saw a van parked on the street at the park's entrance. One guy got out and tossed something onto a bench before getting back into the van and driving away. I was pretty weirded out. Drugs? A bomb? I had to know. Upon investigation, it turned out to be a book inside a plastic bag. To my shock it was a bookcrossing book! I had known about bookcrossing for a couple of years but had never really gotten into it because there wasn't much of a community for it in London, Ontario. Super exciting find! An in to a new hobby!
 A search to the Winnipeg section of bookcrossing showed that there's a particularly avid individual responsible for the release of nearly 2000 books into the "wild" of the city. I will try to read this book and set it free to a new location!

 Everywhere the many lilac bushes are starting to bloom and the smell is almost able to get through to my clogged sinuses. I have been put away in bed with the first and only bad cold of this year. I've found it odd that the only colds I've had in the last two years have been soon after arriving in this city. Stress at the change of scenery? Different stuff in the water? Who knows? Colds suck eggs though. You forget how awful they are until they happen and then it feels like you'll be sniffling and achy for ever!

 Finally planted something in my garden beds. Asparagus and onions. It's anyone's guess if they will actually grow. I'm told the next door neighbours have their lawn sprayed for weeds which may explain the pathetic results of my gardening attempt last year. The compost is looking good though. Heavy rains over Saturday have drowned my lettuce and Parsley flats so I fear nothing will ever come of them. But it was fun to attempt. I just have a death-thumb I suppose
 After 4 years of dutiful service, I was finally ready to say goodbye to my brown Sketchers shoes. They've seen me through two years of highschool, class trips to both Chicago and New York, visits to Winnipeg and nearly a year of Katimavik in Quebec and Labrador. So these things have really gotten around. But when they began to give me foot back and knee pain and ripped on the sides, I knew it was time for them to retire. Into the garbage they may go for their final adventure unless I can find some way to recycle or give them away.

 In an effort to say we accomplished something this long weekend, mum and I spent the day at the Fork's Market and tried out Parks Canada's Geocaching challenge. We learned about the Fur Trade and the uses and history of the Forks, the meeting of the rivers Assiniboine and Red in Winnipeg. We learned a few things and I got to show off my GPS skills learned from college.

 It was really a very beautiful day. Most days in this city are clear and sunny and not too hot. Perfect.

 We enjoyed a unique lunch at the market. Bison stew. For the price, it never fails to fill me up to satisfaction. I wish could have avoided all the plastic waste, but it was darn good stuff. You can't go wrong with stew.
 This weekend was Asian Heritage week and we were able to enjoy some dances while we had our afternoon coffee.

I received an email on Saturday from the NHE leader of Lake Superior Provincial Park, one of the places I was hoping to be employed this summer. They requested an interview with me sometime this week for a position to start on the 28th of May. Which is in a week. I was dually excited and freaked out. A week? Such short notice. And what if I wasn't to hear from the Pinery until perhaps the week after? That was my first choice.  And to leave so soon would mean cutting short my visit to Winnipeg and all the things I had hoped to accomplish while here. I can't help but get ahead of myself, I might not even have the job! But it's something that is sitting heavily on my mind. The upside of that job would be that I would be employed for 12 weeks rather than the 8 I was thinking I would get. More money and more time away from things that are very good at getting my money from me (coffee places and thrift stores). The other upside would be that the contract would finish two weeks before September rather than at the very end of August. That would mean time to visit again with mum, time to get ready for college and time to visit with friends and Sweetbean.... Ah conflict!

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