Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bike Quest! To overtake Coffee Quest

To say I'd like a bicycle would be putting it mildly. I NEED WHEELS!! I want a bike so badly that I dream about them. I watch people biking on the street and Grand-theft-auto 4 type ideas surface in my head.
I had hoped to find something for oh, max, $200. Welcome to the land of reality, if thats all you're prepared to shell out, you best be shufflin ass to Walmart or hope something good and not stollen winds up on Kijiji. Having had bad experiences with used bikes, and without the skills or tools to work on a fixer-upper, I began the hunt for something brand-spanking new. (My wallet is crying and I don't even have a bike yet) I sought out a couple of places with good reviews and set out with a week-long plan of assault. First stop, St. James-Assiniboia region (Portage west of Osborne) On the way, I ended up at a couple of places I hadn't heard about. Saw a very nice shiny red Raleigh hybrid. I wished that I knew what to look for in terms of quality in a bicycle. My main concern was price. After three places in a day and many many bikes taken for test rides, I came to a sad conclusion. If I wanted something of any quality, that would be worth fixing, or wouldn't need constant fixing, I would have to up my budget. So Monday left me with a couple of bikes in mind, the only thing stopping me from a purchase was the bulky manliness of a Giant Revel mountain bike. I'm not a prim girl or anything but it was just such an ostentatious thing. Something similar. The Giant was a decent price for sure.
This morning I checked out a place that was closer to home (walkable) and offered life-time of free tune-ups if you purchased your bike from their store. They carried different makes of bicycles so it was good to see some different brands. They sold primarily Specialized and Trek cycles. Tried riding a few and came to the more solid conclusion that mountain bikes are more for me. Hybrids seemed the practical logical choice, but after taking one out with front suspension and everything, I could feel every bump and jitter in my whole upper body. Nope. Maybe that style of bike is something that you have to get used to, but what if you don't?
I wasn't particularly thrilled with the service I received at this place, they were kind of all egotistical assholes, but I found a bike I actually really liked. So do you get the more expensive bike you like and just swallow the sub-par customer service? Or do you get the cheaper but slightly lesser quality bike from the people who didn't try to get you on the most expensive bike or make you feel weird for asking to sleep on it.
Sigh. I wish I had someone bike-savvy to help me out with this.
So prettyyyy.

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