Friday, May 4, 2012

Making a wallet.

With free time coming out of my ears, I realized that I have been given a rare  opportunity to do all the creative and fun things I usually don't have the time or energy for. One of those things is DIY, in particular, sewing. How can you not catch the bug with all the blogs of people and their amazing creations! But there's a bridge between wanting and doing that's kind of a challenge to cross. It would be nice to be a sewing machine whiz, you have these visions in your head of fantastic creations flying out left right and centre. So when my friend A offered to show me how to sew a quilted wallet I thought, "sure that seems easy enough". Think again. It was by no means an effortless breeze, and after nine hours of sewing, seam ripping and resewing, I was about ready to through in the needles. But quitting is not an option, and with many "Aaaaaa help! It's doing something, how do I fix this? The thread's not in it any-more!" It did get done. Feeling quite proud. Next stop, dress?

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