Friday, May 11, 2012

Wheels acquired!

I think I am in love. With Sweetbean. Well I already knew that and its been going on a while. But there's gonna have to be some space made in my heart for my shiny "new" set of wheels.

I have been hunting for a bike for a couple of weeks now. I'd gone to several bike stores with the intention of purchasing something new. I had prepared myself to spend a bit of money for something half decent, but it was still painful to my frugal sensibilities. So though there was a great bike at one store that I found, I held off, decided to sleep on it.
Super glad I did, because I got a steal on this bike. found it through Kijiji, where bikes seem to have a super fast turnover. If you want it you need to make your move quickly. In a desperate search to avoid having to pay so much I checked Kijiji with low expectations. But there it was, only having been posted a couple of hours before. I emailed, went to take a look at it the next day, and concluded that it was the most comfortable bike I had tried out in my entire search. Now my wallet is empty, but not nearly as much as it would have been.
Which means that I have a bit of scratch to put into installing a rear rack and panniers.
After the transaction, I flew around the neighbourhood squealing with a shit-eating grin on my face. This bike will open up so many opportunities for adventure.
Now it's just about deciding where to start!!

This weekend is set to be absolutely chock full of adventure. Our city is holding its yearly Free Day. People place unwanted things on the curb and treasure hunters collect it. There's nothing I really need other than a desk or a little bookshelf for the comic collection, but the thrill of the hunt and anything involving free stuff is too much to resist.
There will also be a zine fair, which I intend to attend (heh) with much enthusiasm.
Thankfully that is the only event of the day that will take away from my piggy-bank. Zines are really a terrible weakness of mine.
And if those two events aren't exciting enough, the Museum of Manitoba is offering free admission all Saturday. This cheap student says "whoooop!" Free stuff rocks.

P.S. Thanks to the lady who bought the bike for exercise then realized she would never actually put use to it.

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